Rowdy Crowd Family Combo Pack, Cuvee-Co Wines
Rowdy Crowd Family Pack | Combo

Rowdy Crowd Family Pack | Combo

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4 x Wine glasses, 4 x Champagne glasses and and dust-proof bag included.

Wine cups - H: 11cm W: 8cm V: 425ml

Champagne cups - H: 13.5cm W: 6cm V: 285ml

Dishwasher safe, unbreakable, stemless Tritan drinkware

Rowdy Crowd is Australia’s first fully dishwasher safe, 100% BPA free, unbreakable range of stemless, Tritan drinkware.

Help fight the "war on waste" with our 100% reuseable Tritan.  Able to withstand temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius guarantees a Rowdy Crowd glass won’t warp, distort or ever go cloudy in a dishwasher, even a commercial one.