The Creator

Peta Baverstock, Sparkling Winemaker


Since 2000, I have spent over two decades focusing on the appreciation, making and branding of Sparkling Wine. I have been inspired by many generous people and great wines along the way to follow a passion and in particular, to pursue creating great Australian Sparkling Wines.

Now in my mid 40's and living with my family in the Limestone Coast of South Australia, I find myself immersed in a picturesque wine region and inspired by like-minded professionals and friends. November 2018, saw the launch of my own wine label Cuvée-Co Wines. 

The Limestone Coast is not renowned for its sparkling wine, (more predominantly the red table wines) but this is changing with Mount Gambier in 2010 becoming the latest G.I. to be included in the viticultural zoning for grapes, providing an excellent source of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for sparkling production.