Ducks in a Row

Well it’s not too far away now, from grappling with a business course, understanding legal framework, designing packaging and actually getting it manufactured, trying samples (perks of the job) to taking delivery of the finished product (hopefully by month’s end) and Cuvée Co Wines is officially a G O! With what feels like a thousand other things to consider when bringing this little wine label to fruition it is also with quite mixed emotions.

Extremely excited naturally, but with a nerve of fear keeping me grounded and learning to enjoy the experience of what hopefully is the start of a ‘bigger’ picture to come.  With thanks to my Mentor, Steve Grimley who’s first piece of advice was to ‘grow the business slowly and enjoy your young family’.

I have been fortunate to have had the time available this year to juggle a new creative concept in Cuvée Co Wines and as the planets align in readiness for summer wine sales, so too will they for sand castles competitions with my Husband and our kids on the beach! Ohh and a cold bottle of Cuvée Co Wines to boot! Get some while it lasts! Next month’s blog, Wine Show Results. 

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  • Hey Girl! This is so fantastic! I’m so proud of you. What an achievement. Can’t wait for a taste. Xx


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