First Birthday Reflections

It has been one year since we launched and what an amazing year it’s been! I often describe the feeling of starting your own business, like jumping off of a cliff and free falling- exhilarating but terrifying at the same time. To be honest, it’s not in my personality to pursue a high adrenaline extreme sport such as base jumping, but I didn’t have my sights set on my own wine label either. 

It happened by chance. I saw some beautiful fruit in 2015 and just had to pick a little to have a play. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it down the track and there were certainly no plans for a business or brand. 

In hindsight, creating Cuvée-Co Wines has surpassed my expectations in many ways and I’m excited about the future. The first year has meant wearing many different ‘hats’ in order to bring the project to fruition and really putting yourself (and your products) out there- the awareness phase! I am humbled to have started my own label and for it to have been well received so far. I have wonderful customers and the support around me has been amazing. It is a privilege to work in the wine industry and I love being able to create sparkling wine that I’m very proud of!

Year two will see me embark on a new company structure, the second vintage release of 2016 The Kenneth Vintage Brut from that same vineyard in Mt Gambier that kick started the whole thing and the creation of another very special prestige wine to add to the range.  The label release is likely in 2023- maybe something for our 5th birthday - dare I say.

It’s a patience game, not something I’m typically known for, but for now whilst I have the support, space and ambition to toil away on all the other aspects it takes to make and sell wine, I feel I’m moving the business in the right direction. 

Have a wonderful summer break, enjoy the festive season and may 2020 bring you and your loved ones all that you desire. Maybe even a bottle of Fizz! 


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