Who would of thought? PROSECCO is winter's NEW drink!

Exciting news.........
It's finally here!! The new sparkling to join the family is Ada's Prosecco and was recently bottled last month. It's been a couple of months between blogs, as this little gem has been taking up a bit of my time.
Back in January I wrote about the beautiful fruit that was soon to become wine and between then and now, a new artwork was commissioned for the label by the very talented artist Dan Tomkins (Crown of Thorns) and I learnt a story about my gorgeous 94 year old Grandmother. Ada!
Her alias, as we have always known her as grandkids is 'Grandma Mary' and only recently was I told that her birth name was Ada, which she hated as a young girl. The synergy of this family story and the prospects of Prosecco possibly having to change its name in the future, if the Italian argument for appellation protection is granted (Prosecco the region has recently been listed as UNESCO World Heritage adding more weight to their cause) was the perfect fit. Just before the labels were about to hit the printer, I had a name for this light and refreshing drop-  Cuvee-Co Ada's Prosecco from Wrattonbully!
Now in the bottle and dreaming of warmer weather to drink the contents, I thought why not try my luck and open a few bottles over the past weekend at Bellwether Wines Cellar Door and gage the reactions. I was AMAZED! Boom! I sold out of all of the stock I had taken in and the feedback was extremely encouraging. "Oooh it's dry and takes me back to drinking wine in Milan!" must have been the comment of the day, when (my) wine can evoke past memories of places, people and products- That feeling is pretty special!  Winter may always be cold, but Ada's Prosecco brought happiness!

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